Thanks for stopping by and visiting some of our mamas and papas of OZ Doodles!

We will get better pictures as well go we just wanted to show some of what we have. 

We are always looking for Guardian Homes so please let us know if interested!

All Weights are just a guess at this time. We will know exact as each one goes to the vet for annual exams and shots

Petite Goldendoodles can range from 10-20+ lbs. We will not have any under 10 lbs and we will not have any over 30 lbs

Please call at 608-408-9077 or feel free to email as well

Ruby- She is a Petite Goldendoodle 
She is such a wonderful loving girl. Ruby is a fantastic mother and we couldn't be happier. 
Ruby is 15" tall and approx. 18 lbs
Mother is Gloria (Cockapoo) father is Walden (goldendoodle)
Steffy- She is a multigenerational Petite Goldendoodle. 
Steffy is a lovely girl with a gorgeous fleece coat. Expressive eyes make it so you can see just what she is thinking about.
 Mom is Abby (goldendoodle) Dad is Charlie (petite Goldendoodle)
Steffy is 14" tall and approx. 15 lbs
Betty Lu- She is a Petite Goldendoodle.
 Betty Lu is one that lives in my heart. She is my baby doll already in such a short time. She is so small and sweet I just want to love her forever! 
Betty Lu is 13" tall and approx. 10.6 lbs.
Mom is Gloria (Cockapoo) and Apollo (Goldendoodle)
Coco- Lives with the Martinez family

She is a multigenerational petite Goldendoodle. 
loves to play in the water which is why it is so difficult to get a good picture of her without being wet somewhere.
Coco is doing great in her guardian home 
Mom is Ema (Petite Goldendoodle) Dad is Fonzie (Petite Goldendoodle)
Noah is now RETIRED!!!

He is also full of mischief. In this picture I had to shave his gorgeous face because he had to roll in tree sap! 
Noah is 13" tall and approx. 12 lbs
Noah is being retired Anyone interested please contact me!
Mom is Abby (Goldendoodle) Dad is Charlie (Petite Goldendoodle)
Joanie- petite Goldendoodle female. She is the mama of our past puppies Billy and Buddy. She is a doll baby and a real love. Joanie is approx 14" tall and 16-17 lbs
Mom is Gloria (Cockapoo) and Apollo (goldendoodle)
Newman- Multigeneration Petite Goldendoodle male. He is the daddy to some of our current puppies and upcoming litters. Newman is approx 13" tall and about 12 lbs. Quiet and gentle soul. 
Mom is Berta (petite goldendoodle) Dad is Walden ( Goldendoodle)
Lucy is a multi generational petite Goldendoodle. She is approx 14" tall and about 14-15 lbs She is such a cuddler in the bed and a hog of the pillow! Cannot wait to see what she produces
Mom is Layla (Petite Goldendoodle) Dad is Charlie (petite Goldendoodle)
Ivy- multi generational petite Goldendoodle

Gorgeous girl with a lovely flowing coat. She is approx 13" tall and maybe 14 lbs
Mom is Abby (Goldendoodle) Dad is Charlie (Petite Goldendoodle)