Poodle Papas

Cockapoo Papas
Ares (AKC registered mini Poodle)

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Ares reminds me a lot of his father but has a more calm temperament. He is an amazing man. We expect great things from him in the future. Ares is very much a mamas boy.

Ares is:
CAER (eyes) normal  4/2/16 Dr. Erica Tolar
Patella normal
PRA Clear/Normal
OFA Good
Gambit- Resides with the Gagen family F2

Gambit is from Butters and Levi (both retired). He produces exceptional puppies. We cannot wait to see how he continues to produce

Gambit Heath Stats:
PRA clear (parentage)

Rootbeer (resides with the Miller family) F2

Root Beer is a lovely second generation chocolate factored Cockapoo. I obtained him from Annette Wade and he was bred by Sugar and Spice Cockapoos. His temperament is exceptional. He is approx. 20 lbs and 14" tall. Square build. Root Beer is the future of OZ Cockapoos

Health Stats:
PRA clear (Gensol)
Panel pending
Patella normal
CAER pending
Ranger- Resides with the Quirk Family In Illinois

Ranger is an amazing standard sized Cockapoo. He weighs in around 40 lbs. His sire is an AKC champion Cocker Spaniel and his mother is a smaller Standard Poodle. 
Ranger will start breeding in 2017

Ranger Health Stats:
CERF normal
OFA good
Patella normal
Cedric is a second generation BUFF MERLE Cockapoo. He lives with his guardian family, The Noppenbergers, in Indiana. Cedric will start breeding in 2017 after the rest of his health testing

Cedric is :
PRA clear
Biscuit is a gorgeous second generation BUFF MERLE and is a full brother is Cedric. I loved them both so much that I had to keep both in the program. Biscuit lives with his guardian family, The Nowlins, in Kentucky. Biscuit is approx. 18 lbs. He will be bred in 2017 after the completion of his health testing

Biscuit is:

PRA Clear

Blaze is a lovely chocolate first generation Standard sized Cockapoo. His father is a Champion American Cocker Spaniel and his mother is a red and white standard Poodle. He should mature to approx. 40 lbs. 

Blaze Health Stats:

PRA clear 
OZ's Live Long and Prosper- Resides with the Franklin Family
This is Leonard
He will start breeding late 2018/2019
PRA clear by parentage
Cocker Spaniel Papas

Kirby is a lovely chocolate colored American Cocker Spaniel. He loves everyone and everything and has never met a stranger. Kirby is the sire to several of our up and coming litters. He can produce the parti pattern as well as solid.  Can produce blonde as well as partis and phantom markings
PRA clear
Phantasm-( AKC registered Poodle) Resides with the Goins Family

He is a son from Ares and Aurora. He is black but carries for both red and chocolate. We cannot wait to see how he matures in the future. He is co-owned with Rebecca Goins at Moonshine Babies 

Health Stats:
PRA clear
DM clear
NEWS Clear
VwD Clear
Can produce red, chocolate, black colors and phantom markings
Harvey- Red roan AKC registered American Cocker Spaniel 
Resides at OZ Cockapoos
We cannot wait to see what he produces in the future

PRA clear
SIMON- Resides with the Keeton Family
RED AKC registered American Cocker Spaniel-
AKC champion sired
PRA clear

Braddock- (AKC registered American Cocker Spaniel) Champion sired and damed
Resides with OZ cockapoos

Braddock is a gorgeous and sweet chocolate and white Cocker Spaniel. His pedigree is exceptional. He has a great forgiving temperament and loves everyone. I expect a lot of this young man and many years of great producing

PRA clear
Fire- (AKC registered Poodle)resides with the Whitman Family

This boy is from our girl Aurora. He is amazing and lives with his guardians Kaytlin and Brayden as well as sister Aria.
He is still a baby at this time but we cannot wait to see what the future holds!

Health Stats:
PRA clear
VwD Clear
NEWS clear
DM clear
F/F for double furnishings
Cu/Cu double curl gene
Segal- resides with us at OZ Cockapoos F3

Segal is a gorgeous dark chocolate boy. He has a great personality and is a real pleasure to be with. 

Health Stats:

PRA clear
F/F double furnishing meaning cannot throw a bad coat