Thank you for your interest in one of our precious Cockapoo puppies. We screen all of our new families and require the questionnaire be completed to be on the waiting list.

Once we receive your Questionnaire form, we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss it and provide details about our current puppies and upcoming litters. Please copy and paste the following question form in an email to us at 

Puppy Question Form:



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Home Phone: 

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1. How did you find us? Referral, Internet, What website.

2.Have you ever owned a Cockapoo Before? 

3. Do you prefer: MALE or FEMALE? Please explain why:

4. What color do you prefer? 

Please Select: 

5. Do you want to reserve a puppy from a specific litter? 

If yes, which one: 

6. Does everyone in your family want a new puppy? 

7. Does anyone in your family suffer with allergies? 

If yes, how severe? 

8. Do you have children? 

If Yes, please provide their ages:

9. Do you have any other pets? If so what?

10. Do you have a fenced in backyard? If not will you be taking the puppy on walks? 

11. What are your thoughts on crate training? 

12. Are you aware of the time and energy needed to care for a young puppy and willing and able to accept that responsibility? 

13. Do you have the means to budget the cost of a new puppy? (Puppy shots, monthly heartworm medication, annual vaccinations, crate, bedding, food, toys, grooming products, etc.)? 

14.Are you prepared to have this responsibility for the next 15 years? 

15. Are you prepared to attend training classes if the need arrises? 

16. At OZ Cockapoos, we require the puppy/dog be returned to us - at any age - if you are unable to care for the dog. We never want one of our puppies/dogs to end up in a shelter or somewhere he/she's not wanted. We will work with families if you have the perfect home but we want to know if the dog has been re-homed. 

17.Do you agree to notify OZ Cockapoos first if you can no longer keep your cockapoo? 

18. Will you contact us with any problems, be they health or otherwise? 

19. Would you accept a puppy with an underbite? 

More than 50% of the Cockapoo population have underbites. An underbite is purely cosmetic and will not cause your puppy any health concerns.

We, at Oz Cockapoos, do not yell, spank, or "rub noses" in misdeeds. We recommend the book "How to Raise A Puppy You Can Live With" for all new puppy owners. We handle behavior issues gently so as not to make the puppy affraid.

Socialization is very important but remember Too Much, Too Soon, can also damage a puppy emotionally.