We make every effort to keep a  clean and healthy environment for our dogs . All mommy dogs are treated as part of our family. We do not have more dogs than we can handle at any given time. Our breeding dogs are only with us when they are breeding or raising their pups. Some do reside with us, but most are in guardian homes.

Our breeding program is unique. 

We hope we can change the way people breed dogs. We know many of you have never heard of this breeding concept before. But we feel it is the best way to run a breeding program. We want our dogs to have the best and in turn our customers will have a happy, healthy, and well socialized puppy. We know first hand how scary adopting a puppy can be. There are thousands of unethical breeders out there and we want you to now you have someone you can trust right here. 

We have a unique relationship with each Guardian Family. 

Our Guardian Families are really incredible people with big hearts. They are always enthusiastic about their dogs and each of them believes their dog is the "Best"! 
I am really happy I can share these dogs and these experiences with them. We appreciate the loving environment they provide. We know they have all put so much love in raising and training their dogs.

We hope many of you will consider being a Guardian Home too! Please let us know if you would be interested in becoming a Guardian Home. 

Before we place a puppy in a Guardian Home we make sure the temperament and health is excellent. We will not keep a dog for our breeding program that we would not want to raise in our home ourselves. Temperaments in general are ideal but we take extra precautions to make sure our breeding dogs are well rounded and good natured. Child friendly dogs are very important to us! 

We want each and every dog to have the socialization needed to become apart of a family. 

We pride ourselves on making sure each and every dog we own is a part of OUR family. 

We strive to breed for temperament, health, and beauty. All parents are ACC (American Cockapoo Club) registered. 

We do not breed any dogs that are not AKC provable and that we do not have access to the pedigree. 

We do not just "throw" a Cocker and Poodle together. Not every poodle male should be bred to every Cocker female. This is why we have a variety of males with different bloodlines. We are concentrating mainly on Multigenerational Cockapoos with some first generations thrown in.  

Just like when breeding purebreds, you have to pay attention to body structure, health, coat type, head type, eye placement, and TEMPERAMENT. 

We do a lot of research on the dogs behind our pedigrees and strive to find the best combination. When we find this, we continue the same combo every time. You will see some repeat breedings, this means we found that winning combo. 

When you purchase a puppy from us, we are attached at the hip! Remember, we will always take our babies back, no questions asked!

Puppies are whelped in a bedroom where they are handled from birth. 

All of our puppies are temperament tested prior to placing in new homes.  

We do provide a two year written genetic health guarantee (Sale contract specifies conditions).

We have puppies that range in size from mini size (15-25 lbs) and on to standard size (26-50 lbs) We do our best to provide you with what you are looking for in the perfect pet.

Just because you want a puppy, does not mean we will sell you one. You must be approved before we decide to let one of our babies go with you.

Starting Janurary 1, 2008.

*********If you write a check it can be for the deposit only**********

As the saying goes, one ruins it for the rest, so is the case here.

We can only accept checks for deposits, not for the remaining balance. You can use PAYPAL to pay by check as well and that would be fine.

To Order NuVet Suppliments please call
code 86382 for discount

****Due to puppy buyers not following directions, as of Jan 1 2007, when you buy a puppy from us we will REQUIRE the use of this suppliment or the two year health guarantee is null and void.****

Dog Training tips for socializing your dog:

 Once your dog is fully immunized you should have them on 7 different types of surfaces, take them to 7 different environments, have 7 different size humans give them a treat, take them around 7 odd shaped objects and have them hear 7 different sounds and have a motorcycle as one of the goals for the sound socialization. These exercises will teach them social skills as well as skill to deal with strange environments, sounds etc...